The Popularity of Crypto-Gambling

With cryptocurrencies becoming the norm of today, many companies taking payments of bitcoin, Doge, and Ethereum, to name a few, online casinos have also included these currencies into payment methods.

With the iGaming industry becoming exceedingly competitive, it’s essential to include innovations, features and promotions into the platforms and websites. With BitStarz bonus being one example of incorporating promotions into their gaming, they also provide cryptocurrency gambling with bitcoin.

The use of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin for gambling can almost be seen as the future of the iGaming industry and has proven to be one of the best innovations in gambling. With bitcoin itself being one of the most popular investment strategies gambling with your investment winnings is a chance to win even more.

These are just some reasons why crypto gambling has become the preferred choice for modern gamblers.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure - The Popularity of Crypto-Gambling

Safety and security are two of the most important aspects of online companies doing business and receiving payments. Customers are also wary of using online financial services to make payments. Giving out banking details online has been a problematic activity for many people. It is not that easy for scammers and fraudsters to manipulate transactions with cryptocurrencies.

It is the most secure method of online payments and makes online gambling just that much safer.


With financial services and security, it is essential not to have too much gambling shown on your bank accounts. By gambling with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you can keep that information for yourself.


With anonymity, you can easily make transactions to and from gambling accounts without disclosing any personal information regarding the transaction. Making transactions from crypto accounts require the gambler to only supply their wallet address or account destination tag.

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that casinos such as BitStarz are thriving with online popularity.